Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the tables? What are their dimensions?

The Traditional Table is 4' x 8' x 40" (W x L x H). The Travel Table is 4' x 8' x 26"-40" (adjustable height) (W x L x H) unfolded. When the Travel Table is folded into 1/10th of it's original size, it is 4' x 4'x 6" (W x L x H).

What are the tabletops made of?

The Traditional and Travel Table tops, all feature the same wooden top for that true Die experience. The LED lights are encased in a clear epoxy for waterproofing and increased durability.

How long does a LiteDie™ Travel Table battery last?

The table can last up to 3 hours of continuous play time!

Can LiteDie™'s Travel and Traditional table be powered with different AC adapters?

No, LiteDie™ provides a unique AC adapter for our products.

Can I use the charging pads on the LiteDie™ table to charge my phone?

No, our specially designed charging pads are precisely engineered to provide an exact amount of power to just the LiteDie™.

How bright are the tables and die?

Easily bright enough to play a Die game. No external lights needed, works perfectly in complete darkness!

Are LiteDie™ bigger/heavier/different than regular die?

LiteDie™ come in a standard 16mm size. They are made of a similar material as regular die, but with a clear finish. They are the same weight so the bounces will be the exact same.

How fast do the die charge/hold charge?

Depending on the color, LiteDie™ will take anywhere from 3 - 15 seconds to charge, and will have a 1 - 5 minute play time.

Are the die waterproof?


Are the LiteDie™ impact resistant?

Yes! They can withstand even the highest of tosses onto the tabletop. However, just like regular dice, they are not recommended for use on concrete.

Can LiteDie™'s dice be used with other wireless chargers?

No, our ultra fast wireless chargers are unique to LiteDie™'s tables.

Do you need any other accessories to play?

Our transparent LiteDie™ LiteCups (click here) are recommended, but not needed to play. Regular Solo Cups will also suffice.

Can the travel table be adjusted?

The legs are individually adjustable for any playing terrain. The middle of the table top is also adjustable via our cable tension system. This allows for a completely level playing surface every time.

Is Bulk Pricing Available with LiteDie™?

Yes! Please email or DM us on Instagram to receive special bulk pricing deals!

How do I contact LiteDie™?

Please email