Our Story

LiteDie is a player owned and operated game company whose love for the sport of Die has transformed from a group of college friends playing in a backyard to an energetic startup. LiteDie started as a fun way to play Die at night, transitioned to an amazingly successful prototype, and is now ready to be brought to you!

The Game of Die

The game of Die is rapidly expanding across the United States. Born in Santa Clara, California, Die is a fun backyard party game that requires an impressive amount of athleticism and hand-eye coordination. Experienced players can turn a regular Die game into an exciting and competitive sport.

Die is quickly becoming the biggest party game around. Two teams of two players battle head-to-head in a legendary fight for glory and bragging rights. With regular die, these epic battles can only take place under a blazing hot sun. LiteDie lets you continue the fight into the night.


LiteDie's Unique Solution

LiteDie's unique solution now allows for the game of Die to be played anytime and anywhere.  Our patent-pending design and ultrafast wireless charging solution allows for easy setup and continuous play. 

During our development process, we received tons of positive feedback from our users -- the ability to play Die at night is a real game changer! This overwhelming response prompted us to launch our Indiegogo campaign. We knew we had to share LiteDie with the rest of the world.