How To Play
& Rules

The game of LiteDie™ is played in similar ways as Beer Die, but with one catch – you can play day or NIGHT! Whether you're playing under the sun or stars, LiteDie™ is the latest and greatest way to play your favorite party game. LiteDie™ is a game that takes more endurance than rage cage, more speed than flip cup, and more skill than beer pong. Do you have what it takes? Let’s get started!




Set Up

1) Find 3 other people, plus yourself, that want to play the greatest game of all time.

2) Get out the table! Be sure the table is as level as possible and has at least 5ft of clearance on each side.

3) Place a cup in each corner of the table and fill with your desired beverage.

4) Make two teams of two players – take positions by each corner of the table with team members standing next to each other.

Let the Game Begin!

1) The teams determine who goes first by having one team call “High or Low,” while the other team rolls the die. If the number shown on the die is 4 or greater, this refers to “high” and numbers less than 4 refers to “low.” If the team predicting “high or low” is correct, they go first. Otherwise, the team that rolled the die will go first.


2) On each turn, the player must toss a single die so that it goes 9ft above the table OR higher than the tallest player standing on the table, with the objective of having it bounce off the opposing team’s side (dictated by the middle white line).


3) Points are gained IF:
        a. the die hits the opposing team’s side and is not caught
        b. the die hits or makes it into the opposing team’s cup
                i. The die MUST be caught using only one hand
               ii. Trapping the die with one hand against the body does not count and if done, either a point is issued to the serving team, or the serving team gets a re-toss 
        c. The die CANNOT be caught while it is over the table

4) No points are gained IF
        a. the die doesn’t hit the opposing side
        b. the die hits the table, AND the opposing team catches it

5) Games are typically played to 15 points, but shorter games can be played to 9 or 10. Regardless of what score you are playing too, a team must win by 2 points, and the play has to be defendable, OR it is a splash (you cannot win on hitting a cup).




Die hits opposing team’s side and is not caught (falls to the ground)



Die hits opposing team’s cup



Die hits opposing team’s cup AND falls to the ground


Yes – catch the die before it hits the ground

Die makes it in opposing team’s cup (SINK)



Die lands in serving team’s cup (must be the cup of the player who tossed)

Automatic win for
opposing team


**Points can only be earned by the serving team**

House Rules

• Before tossing the die, the player must tap the table with the die and say “Die’s up.”
• FIFA: If a die is thrown long, the opposing team can kick the die up to their teammate. If the teammate catches the die, the serving team loses 1 point.
• Any disputes invoke the tradition of saying “Die don’t lie,” which involves a rethrow.