The LiteDie™

Carefully constructed to resemble a regular 16mm die. LiteDie™ can wirelessly charge in seconds and are durable enough to handle even the highest of tosses. Built-in LED's provide bright illumination in total darkness. Our rock-hard casting allows you to play for hours on end, day after day. 

LiteDie™ provides a traditional Die experience that everyone can enjoy, with a challenging new twist for any hardcore Die enthusiast. Lightning-fast wireless charging, conveniently integrated into our tabletops, allows your LiteDie™ to fully charge in seconds. We offer a variety of color combinations that allow you to personalize your Die games to any party theme. Buy LiteDie™ today for a truly unique Die experience!


    • Bright illumination  
    • Traditional die size 
    • Quick charge 
    • Dazzling LED lighting 
    • Variety of color options available 
    • Chip-resistant casing 
    • Completely waterproof


    • 6 sided dice
    • 16mm x 16mm x 16mm
    • Weight: ~4.2g
    • 3 - 15 second charge time
    • Estimated lifetime of up to 10,000 charge cycles