LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie
LiteDie™ Travel Table - LiteDie

LiteDie™ Travel Table

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Travel Table Diagram

LiteDie™'s Travel Table is unbelievably lit! This lightweight beast is specifically engineered to let you take the game of Die anywhere you go. A space-age composite top combines the features of cutting edge wireless technology with a traditional wooden playing surface. This is the industry’s lightest 4’ x 8’ die table. 

  • 100% waterproof top
  • Supremely lightweight (same weight as a small plastic folding table)
  • Encapsulated RGB LED edge bars (change colors, flash, strobe, and more!)
  • Integrated wireless LiteDie™ corner die charging stations
  • PLUG and PLAY BATTERY PACK (power adapter/charger)
  • Adjustable steel metal folding legs allow the travel table to fold into a 48" X 48" X 6" area

Our one-of-a-kind Travel Table is guaranteed to provide entertainment day or night. Featuring quick charge corner die stations, tap, charge, and play! Integrated tabletop LED edge bars offer a variety of color options and provide all the outdoor lighting you need. A multi-functional power system allows the Travel Table to be connected to either a rechargeable battery or to a traditional wall outlet.

LiteDie™'s 4' x 8' Travel Table features steel folding legs and balanced heavy-duty hinges to help the table fold into a fraction of its original size. This makes it perfect for storage and transportation. As a bonus, playing on ground that is uneven or at an incline is now possible with our individually adjustable table legs!

  • Includes 2 LiteDie!
  • 100% waterproof top
  • Scuff-proof exterior table paint
  • Folds into a compact area: easy to store and transport! 
  • Able to be transported over rough terrain: play anytime and anywhere you want! 
  • 4 integrated LiteDie™ charging stations 
  • Integrated LED edge bars: No external lighting needed for nighttime play 
  • Dual connection power system: Rechargeable battery or wall outlet connection 
  • Adjustable legs and a cable tension system allows for a completely level tabletop 
  • Completely invisible wiring for a seamless design
  • Up to 3-hour battery life
  • Hand Made by LiteDie™ engineers: Customization available upon request  
  • Wall adapter, battery & charger included

No assembly required! Simply unfold and play! The Travel Table is conveniently packaged in a cardboard box and shipped straight to your door, just unbox and play!

Standard lead time is 2 - 3 weeks

  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Size: 4' X 8' unfolded and 4' X 4' folded (48" X 96" unfolded and 48" X 48" folded when finished)
  • Top: proprietary composite wooden top
  • Legs: Height-adjustable table legs from 26" to 40"
  • Lights: 5050 RGB
  • Power: 120V wall outlet and/or external battery pack

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